May 14

How to start a coaching or training business in 28 days


So I'm going to tell you have to start and or grow a some sort of coaching or training business in 28 days without having to spend a lot of money, you know on advertising and stuff like that. So, it all starts with your mindset and who you are. You've got to really believe that you can do this. You look around and see other people doing it and you look at yourself and you think, oh I can't, you know, something special about them. You know, I couldn't possible do anything like that. So that's rubbish, you have to really believe in yourself and that's step one. Otherwise you'll never get anywhere and the first hurdle you're just gonna give up. So you've got to totally, with every ounce of your being believe that you can do it.

Also, you've gotta just be yourself, I mean, I wish someone had told me this years ago. Life would've been so much easier if I'd just known, I could be myself at work and have a laugh, and relax. And so, I spent so many years in a sort of corporate environment having to pretend to be this sort of persona, this professional accountant or whatever. And it wasn't me, it just felt fake, and I didn't enjoy it and so on. So if you're just yourself, people can relate to you, and it's a lot easier for you and it's a lot more attractive for them, the proposition of working with you. And then you've just gotta picture in your mind's eye someone you can help. Now, looking around you, there's loads of, I'm sure you can think of people that you can help, they might not realise that you can help them but you could definitely help them.

If you could just think of one person like that, think of the billions of people that speak English as a first or second language on this planet and just scaling it up, you know that there's millions of people out there that you can, you can definitely help. It's just a question of getting them to realise that you can help them and so on. And getting your message across, speaking authentically. So, but just, you can't, if you think, oh, millions of people, how can you possibly speak to an audience like that? So no, just think of one person. So this person is your avatar and just all your communication, talk to that avatar. And then, they sort of represent everyone else and the people who are sort of a big like them will respond to your message.

So, then it just comes back communicating and getting your message out there onto social media, publishing videos, publish a video everyday. Or try and repurpose it put it on different platforms like Facebook, possibly LinkedIn depend on your target market, Instagram, Twitter, there's so many different platforms out there. And definitely get it transcribed to put on your blog, maybe also put it on YouTube as well. But if you start or maybe even do a podcast, we start with a video, then it's easy to repurpose it for all those places. So, and then just start boosting little, doing lots of little videos, cutting it up, and so on. Boosting them and just seeing which videos get the most response.

And the ones that get the most response, this is then, this the universe coming back and telling you they like what you're, they like what you're producing and they're interested in it. So just do more of that and less of the other and you could boost those ones more and more and you could also, you can also start to create products around the ones where, which have shown the most interest in what you're saying. And then, then you can, once people have watched it, then you can create an audience in Facebook or LinkedIn, you created a look-alike audience and you can market to those people.

And that's a lot cheaper than having to just reach out to cold traffic all the time 'cause you're reaching out to people who already have responded to your message or interested in what you have to say. So, by doing that, you're just getting yourself more and more known. And this is, if you follow what I'm doing, this is exactly the same technique I'm just starting to do.

This is one of my first videos like that and as you watch over the coming weeks and months, you'll see I'll be producing more and more of these videos, reaching out to my target demographic. And some people will hate it, some people will love it. And eventually I'll reach the people who are interested in what I have to say. So, I wish you all the very best of luck, bye for now.


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