Consulting can mean many things.

I like to see myself as someone who is there to help you achieve results in whatever way is needed.

This could be through tasks normally done by a CFO, CMO, NED

I could do these as either a done for you, or done with you service

These could include:-

Marketing, lead gen and selling

  1. Branding
  2. Online reputation management
  3. Paid traffic: Facebook ads, Google adwords, Youtube ads, Linkedin ads
  4. Content marketing: Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Blog, Podcast
  5. Split testing: demographic, headline, image, offer
  6. Sales funnel creation, split testing and optimisation
  7. Landing page and optin
  8. Lead magnets
  9. Video sales letter
  10. Webinars
  11. Indoctrination sequence of emails and videos
  12. Creating offers to upsell existing customers and clients up your value ladder


  1. getting funding (if in first two years then can apply for a government backed scheme, otherwise can get bank or peer to peer funding)
  2. controlling and predicting cash flow
  3. having useful management account information, and KPIs, and reviewing these with you

Problems arising as you grow

  1. fulfilling the product or service when scaling up,
  2. problems of keeping everything under control as you grow
  3. minimising risk
  4. setting up systems and procedures videos and checklists
  5. setting up an effective team with appropriate accountability

Someone to talk things over with

It is sometimes really useful just to have someone knowledgeable and committed to your success that you talk things through with.

The name you call this person is not that important. You could call this 

  • trusted business advisor
  • NED
  • CFO
  • CMO
  • Business coach

But I do know that it is absolutely crucial. There have been times in my entrepreneurial journey that I have had this, and other times that I have not. I know that when I have had this then I have enjoyed running my business a lot more.

I have had a lot less stress, and I have ended up making much better business decisions eg about ditching bad business models earlier, or discussing ways to scale up in existing markets, or entering new markets. 

Don't forget that just ONE business decision can be the difference between incredible success and incredible failure.

Please also see the coaching page for other things that could fall into this category.