Coaching and Consulting

I will train you, and work with you or for you till you get past whatever is stopping you into massive growth. This can be one to one or group. I have a group coaching program starting soon limited to 10 people. Ask me for more details.

Things we can cover include:

  • mindset, 
  • advertising,
  • sales funnels,
  • getting technology to work,
  • building an ecosystem,
  • getting clients organically from Linkedin,
  • building your personal brand and reputation,
  • growing your visibility on Google, Youtube and social media.

Because of the power of leverage and scalability that the Internet gives, if you just do one thing a bit better, it could make all the difference between a loss and a massive profit.

We are all drowning in knowledge, strategy and information. I can help make sure that you implement your strategy and plough through any problems or roadblocks that you have.

Below I talk about my nine step plan to accelerate income growth towards wealth. This is all about building a real business on solid foundations.

There are many people out there offering similar products or services to you. Some never get going, some trundle along, while others explode into massive empires.

To grow, you need to address your blindspots - the things that you ignore or push to one side. You need to follow a methodical growth framework.

You can do this by yourself, but your growth will be rocket fueled if you work together with a first class growth partner who understands all this.

Are you a startup? or has your SME grown to a certain size, but you are running into problems taking it up to the next level?

My passion is helping people grow better businesses through the blindspots, bottlenecks and challenges that emerge at different levels of growth.

I do this with you by learning more about what you have been doing up to now, what has worked, and what hasn't worked.

Then if you like, I can help you plough through any issues or problems that arise on the way, and help open your eyes to new possibilities.

I will be as committed to the result as you are, and put all my energy, insight and years of experience into it.

My background is that I am a Big Four trained chartered accountant (Deloittes) with many years in industry at financial controller and CFO levels. I am also an entrepreneur, and have set up,  run and marketed many of my internet based businesses over the years.

I can not help everyone, but I can definitely help some people a lot.

I will only work with people where I believe my input will help them grow and get a massive ROI on their investment with me.

Every client is different, and I work with my client to create a bespoke solution for them using all my skills as needed.

Selected to be a judge at the prestigious UK Business Awards

Business Coaching

Many people are sceptical of coaching, and rightly so, as there are a lot of ineffective coaches around.  

That is a pity, because it makes people just dismiss it completely.

The truth is that if you find the right coach for you, then this process can really open your mind to new possibilities and accelerate personal and business growth. I know this is true, as I have been coached several times with remarkable effect.

Sometimes it can really help to talk to someone outside your situation who understands your business, and is totally committed to your success.

Someone who can :-

  • give suggestions,
  • help you think outside the box, and see new possibilities
  • be in your corner
  • help you break through your limiting beliefs, fears and mindset issues that are holding you back
  • help you achieve results rather than "the reasons why not"
  • be an accountability partner
  • work with you to make your goals a reality

And who you can :-

  • bounce ideas off
  • talk things through with
  • brainstorm with

    If you are serious about coaching, and want to find out more, the best thing to do is ask me if you can book a free introductory session.

    You can see an overview of the client dashboard by clicking here.


Consulting can mean many things.

I like to see myself as someone who is there to help you achieve results in whatever way is needed.

This could be through tasks normally done by a CFO, CMO, NED

I could do these as either a done for you, or done with you service

These could include:-

Marketing, lead gen and selling

  • Branding
  • Online reputation management
  • Paid traffic: Facebook ads, Google adwords, Youtube ads, Linkedin ads
  • Content marketing: Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Blog, Podcast
  • Split testing: demographic, headline, image, offer
  • Sales funnel creation, split testing and optimisation
  • Landing page and optin
  • Lead magnets
  • Video sales letter
  • Webinars
  • Indoctrination sequence of emails and videos
  • Creating offers to upsell existing customers and clients up your value ladder


  • getting funding (if in first two years then can apply for a government backed scheme, otherwise can get bank or peer to peer funding)
  • controlling and predicting cash flow
  • having useful management account information, and KPIs, and reviewing these with you

Problems arising as you grow

  • fulfilling the product or service when scaling up,
  • problems of keeping everything under control as you grow
  • minimising risk
  • setting up systems and procedures videos and checklists
  • setting up an effective team with appropriate accountability

    Someone to talk things over with
    It is sometimes really useful just to have someone knowledgeable and committed to your success that you talk things through with.
    The name you call this person is not that important. You could call this

  • trusted business advisor
  • NED
  • CFO
  • CMO
  • Business coach

    But I do know that it is absolutely crucial. There have been times in my entrepreneurial journey that I have had this, and other times that I have not. I know that when I have had this then I have enjoyed running my business a lot more.

    I have had a lot less stress, and I have ended up making much better business decisions eg about ditching bad business models earlier, or discussing ways to scale up in existing markets, or entering new markets. 

    Don't forget that just ONE business decision can be the difference between incredible success and incredible failure.