May 23

5 Step Plan For Building A Massive Coaching Or Training Empire


So, I'm gonna talk to you today about my five step plan for building a massive training or coaching empire. So, this isn't gonna be an overnight thing but it doesn't have to take that long if you work intelligently, and you're focused, and you follow the sort of basic steps in the plan. So, step one, it always starts with yourself, your inner game, your inner world, your mindset basically. You've got to really believe that you can do this. You've gotta just be yourself, stop trying to be fake or pretend to be something you're not. And also you've got to really wanna help people, just coming from a space of contribution, you're wanting to serve people. You're not trying to sell to them or rip people off or something, you're genuinely trying to help the people that you're hoping to sell your products to.

Then that's step one, step two is just two final hike your competition. So to look at other people who are doing stuff, other people who are producing content. You can go on to Udemy and look at course that are done, you can look at the reviews, you can look at the chapter headings and find a, say, successful course out there, see how they've structured it, see what hooks they've got, see what they're appealing to, seeing what the reviews are, people are saying about it. So you can do this Udemy for courses or you can go Amazon and look up book reviews and stuff. So just that really look online forms, it just gives you a sense of what people want, what their problems are, where they're stuck what sort of message that they're responding to. And especially look at the ones which are successful, there's no point in look at unsuccessful ones 'cause they're doing it wrongly.

So, then that's the second step, the third step which is to be just get yourself out there, get the attention of people. So just post a lot of content to all these different platforms. So start with video, just make loads of videos like this talking about your story, your origin story, and just helping the other person get from A to B. And so you can repurpose it, get it on, just start with one video, post it to many different places and also post audio and transcripts and so on and then link them to each other, and just do a lot of this. 

Then you get people's attention, the fourth step then, once you get a lot of people liking you and stuff and listening to whatever you say, the fourth step is to advertise to people who've engaged with your content. So you can set up retargeting pixels in Facebook or Instagram for example and then just, you will have to spend some money, advertising, unfortunately but hopefully you'll get back a lot more than you spend. So, because you're only advertising to people who've already consumed your content, who've already watched 50% of your video. And you'll find it's a lot cheaper than tying to advertise to a cold audience. So, and then by advertising you can get them to opt in to your email list or, hopefully, just buy a cheap product from you, maybe like a $7 or $20 product, so you have like a loss leader that's like a no brainer, it's such filled with such value. But once they become a paying customer, that sort of really changes the relationship with you.

Hopefully by this stage, 'cause you produced so much content and you put so much energy behind it and you're coming from a space of contribution and you really believe you can help them, they're really getting to respond to this message. They're believing it too, and you are helping them as well, they're getting real value from this. And cause of the amazing thing about the internet, there's one too many, one video can literally reach millions of people. Or even if it only reaches thousands of people, and you just produce a little bit of value each, if they all start paying you a little bit but a lot of people do that you can potentially make a lot of money out of this and also help a lot of people.

So there are the first four steps, I did say I've got five steps. The fifth step is what Russell Brunson's called "The Dream 100." Which is people who a have big audience and you just try and basically become friends with them, work with them. So you might start buying their products, communicating with them, if you've got a show, asking them to be on your show, interview them, message them, whatever. But by getting to know them, over time, eventually, hopefully, then they will want to work with you and ultimately, if they might want to promote you or be an affiliate for you, and then you can tap into their audience.

And in a way if your audience is growing as well, you could help their audience as well 'cause you're, your audience is getting to know this other person, their audience is getting to know you. So both, you're both benefiting from this, it's not a one-way thing. But once you start tapping into these other people with audiences, there's no, there's hardly any limit to how big you can scale. That's all for now, see you in the next video, bye.


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