I host a business show that gets up to 2k+ views, and my posts get up to 10k organic views on Linkedin.
If you want to just meet me and say hello, or explore hiring my services, or maybe collaborating on a JV etc, then message me here or on Linkedin  or book a 15m zoom call .  

The video below explains how I added £600k
to the value of a business in half an hour

About me

  • I am a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountancy in England and Wales. I trained at Deloitte. I worked for many years in industry at a senior level (financial controller and CFO) and moved into full time internet marketing in 2001
  • I have a Business Show and Podcast that gets over 2k views
  • I am passionate about helping people grow their business using the amazing platforms and software that are currently available.
  • I have almost 18k contacts in Linkedin, my posts get viewed by up to 10k people on Linkedin. I am approved to give Linkedin Live shows.
  • One of my Facebook posts got viewed 26k times.
  • I have spent over $36k on Facebook ads, $15k on Facebook ads training, and £88k on Google ads for my own businesses. I have recently got into Youtube ads with fantastic results.
  • I have appeared on national TV 6 times as a reputation expert.
  • I have several Youtube channels, and one of my videos get viewed over 1.3k times.
  • I build all my own sites. I am a master of Wordpress, Clickfunnels, Groovefunnels , Camtasia, Highlevel etc. Out of these Highlevel is a clear winner and I believe it will be the next generation of website builders.
  • I have  produced several info products with over 50k students on Udemy from the courses I created, and another 33k students on another course I produced.
  • Sold 10 domains for a total of $11,329 that I purchased for a total of $100
  • Once owned 4,000 domains
  • Achieved $2k days of passive income from Google ads placed on my high organic traffic sites which I ranked at the top of Google.
  • Gave free advice in a half hour call that I believe will easily generate an extra £60k per annum. At 10% ROI this is worth £600k. 
  • I understand marketing at a deep level. I learned from the best.
  • I have over 20 years of experience as a UK property investor and invested £40k in my property education and training. I am looking to work with others in this area to create wealth together. See magneticproperty.com for more,

Because of all the above,  I have people approaching me interested in working with me every day.

I can help you get similar results.

Contact me to explore possibilities 

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