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I host a business show that gets up to 2k+ views.

I specialise in Facebook Ads. I have spent $36k in adspend for my own account. I am an expert in split testing to maximise ROI, and also in dealing with account shutdowns. For most businesses, Facebook Ads is the very best way to grow your turnover and profit. It can be like turning on a tap, but you need a lot of skill to make it work. Get in touch.


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I know the value of having a trusted mentor or business advisor.  I have one too, and I pay him £900 per hour. Our conversations open my mind and allow me to generate far more wealth than I pay him, thanks to the scaleability of the Internet. Everything I am learning from him and from many other teachers over the years, I can pass onto you.

I made a video here that walks you through the coaching ecosystem we will be creating together to capture our insights and track metrics and action points.

About me

  • I used to be a chartered accountant. I trained at Deloitte. I worked for many years in industry at a senior level and moved into full time internet marketing in 2001
  • I have a Business Show and Podcast that gets over 2k views
  • I am passionate about helping people grow their business using the amazing platforms and software that are currently available.
  • I have almost 18k contacts in Linkedin, my posts get viewed by up to 10k people on Linkedin. I am approved to give Linkedin Live shows.
  • One of my Facebook posts got viewed 26k times.
  • I have appeared on national TV 6 times as a reputation expert.
  • I have several Youtube channels, and one of my videos get viewed over 1.3k times.
  • I have mastered advertising and retargeting on Facebook, Youtube and Google.
  • I build all my own sites. I am a master of Wordpress, Clickfunnels, Groovefunnels , Camtasia etc
  • I have  produced several info products with over 41k students on Udemy
  • Sold 10 domains for a total of $11,329 that I purchased for a total of $100
  • Once owned 4,000 domains
  • Achieved $2k days of passive income from Google ads placed on my high organic traffic sites which I ranked at the top of Google.
  • Gave free advice in a half hour call that I believe will easily generate an extra £60k per annum. At 10% ROI this is worth £600k. 
  • I understand marketing at a deep level. I learned from the best.

Because of all the above,  I have people approaching me interested in working with me every day.

I can help you get similar results.

Contact me to explore possibilities 

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